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Friday, November 19, 2010

Top 15 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

1. Eat before you go

2. Bring healthy food you will eat

3. Have a designated denier with you

4. Plan ahead what you will splurge on and stick to it

5. Don't go to every party you're invited to

6. Only stay a brief time, they push food on those who stay late

7. Go to more than one party in a day then you have an excuse not to eat much at each

8. Don't stuff yourself, ie stop before you think your full

9. Use a plate, otherwise you'll keep grabbing more

10. No more than one glass of anything other than water

11. Exercise before you go, I guarantee you wont feel like eating as much junk

12. 3/4 of your plate veggies

13. Wear clothes that fit well, you won't eat as much as you would if you wear lose expando

14. Never take food home

15. Offer to help if you're not hosting since it keeps you focused on serving others not

16. Mingle and talk to a lot of people, you can't chew food and talk

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Nikki Hilton said...

Nice tips to avoid weight gain. I don't agree with this "No more than one glass of anything other than water", If we want to take fruit juice instead of food what will we do at that time?

Weight Gain

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