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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moms have a Large Impact

Typically mothers are called on to be the one in charge of a families health, particularly when it comes to eating. But given the fact that over 1/3 of women are obese it's difficult for them to transfer healthy habits and behaviors to their kids and families. Many buy the groceries and prepare the meals and thus if they don't know what healthy habits are then it's likely the family will be lead down the wrong path. This is largely due to ignorance along with convenience. Lets face it, women are busy and time is scarce....when you're tired and people are hungry the last thing you want to do is plan and prepare something healthy. It's much easier to make pasta, order take out, or pop a pizza in the oven. So what's the solution....there are no tricks...only educating oneself, planning and preparation. Yes it may be inconvenient now but in the long run the benefits are innumerable. Most importantly you will be an example to others, especially your children. You can't feed kids mac and cheese, pizza and hot dogs and think they are going to grow up to be intelligent and productive members of society. Here's the article.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making Up Those Lost Years

While you can make significant physical changes to your body regardless of your age, one thing is for sure, exercising and participating in sports when you are young gives you the most benefit. Your hormone profile, ability to recover and so forth are at their best when you are young. If you are young or you have kids or know those who do encourage them to be involved in sports and exercise. Below is a brief quote from an article on the Science Daily website....

"The bones respond best when you're young, and if you train and load them with your own bodyweight during these years, it has a stimulating effect on their development," says Nilsson. "This may be important for bone strength much later in life too, so reducing the risk of brittle bones."

The message is, get started, no matter what your's sort of like starting your savings, the more years you have the better the results will be. The difference here is you can never get those years back and thus if you wait until you are in your 30's, 40's etc. to start exercising it's going to take a lot longer to get the benefits and it will be much harder to achieve the same things. Never lose hope, however just realize that if you start later you're making it much harder on yourself as your body has memory and if you didn't do much when you were young you may cut short your potential for maximum health and vitality

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In-Activity Not the Cause of Obesity

Take a look at the article link I have in the sidebar regarding children, activity levels and obesity. All this proves is what many people already know, or at least suspect....eating is much more important than activity when it comes to being at a healthy weight.

Like I have mentioned before, exercise can't compensate for bad eating. If you think it can well, try it for awhile, not only will you find yourself not progressing but you will also find yourself working out for hours on end completely exhausted, sore, sick and injury prone. It's like putting the wrong type of fuel in a can push the accelerator as much as you want but it's only going to respond for a short time and then it will fall apart. Sugar, fast food and other processed junk that looks convenient, appealing and flashy in a store or restaurant will get you nowhere when it comes to fitness. You may look "ok" on the outside but after a short time you will feel terrible on the inside and looks will follow.

Face reality, you can't have your cake and eat it too....hasn't ever worked, won't work now and for sure won't work in the future. Yes you may be able to site some anecdotal example of so and so eats terrible but they look great, but that doesn't mean it applies to anyone else. Likely you don't know what they do all the time every day as you can't be with anyone all day every day....these types of responses are just excuses that get you nowhere.

Ok, off the soap box....just remember you can't cancel out bad eating with exercise....end of story. Clean up your diet and watch your results soar!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's in your shake?

Many people consume protein shakes, weight gain shakes and every other type of meal replacement, quick and easy blend it or shake it up supposed health food.  I will admit I used to consume many of these myself.  Just a basic glance at them should make you at least question their level of benefit.  Fluorescent colors, ingredient lists that are either paragraphs long and/or contain words you've never seen with a minimum of 5 syllables.....hmm could these possibly be filled with substances that aren't meant to be put in our bodies?

Looks like we may have some bona fide answers coming from a review in the July 2010 issue of Consumer Reports.  Turns out several of the very popular shakes contain levels of cadmium and arsenic that are above the USP limits when consuming the recommended number of servings.  Combine this with the fact that most of these shakes contain colorings, "natural flavors" (typically a code for substances that are unhealthy), artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose etc. and you have what amounts to a cocktail that in the long run will do nothing good for your health.

Here is the problem, most people who use these do so because they are lazy and want a quick way to get what they think are adequate nutrients to supplement their workouts instead of taking the time to prepare and eat real food.  The body is not meant to consume nutrients from artificially concocted products that can never be engineered the way real food that comes from the ground or other animals.  Couple that with the fact that a lot of the ingredients are irritants to people's already overloaded digestive system and half of the stuff is never even digested.  A lot of waste going down the toilet.

I'm not against supplements, but you have to get your eating right first and then add in supplements if you think you must.  If you are going to buy protein shakes, it's very difficult to find truly good products in any store.  One rule of thumb is the more advertising, commercial marketing and fancy packaging the worse it is for you.  It's just like a high end car, how many ads do you see for Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari...basically none because they sell themselves to those who want them.

If you want high quality, organic protein supplements here are a couple, and no you won't be able to buy them in the store and you won't be consuming them like crazy either because they are not cheap.

The products are made by Well Wisdom, the Vital Whey is the consumer oriented product while the ImmunPro and others are more potent, please read their website before using them.  Iherb is the best place I know of to buy these products....taking a look at these products will make you realize what it takes to produce high quality protein supplements and will also make you realize it's cheaper to buy high quality meat than to drink shakes.  These products don't have artificial sweeteners and aren't going to be like drinking a milkshake....they specifically advise to combine with fruit or something to add flavor.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Think Before You Drink - If You Want to Lose Fat and Be Lean

We are at the beginning of July 4th weekend, filled with BBQs, friends, fun, family and perhaps for some the consumption of choice alcoholic beverages.  Beyond the whole be careful and don't do stupid selfish things like drinking and driving and other associated debaucherous acts, add the negative effect that alcohol has on your fitness efforts.

For one alcohol raises your estrogen levels and lowers testosterone levels in your body....definitely not good for building muscle and losing fat.

Secondly it inhibits protein synthesis which is necessary for muscle development and depletes your body of minerals and vitamins along with dehydrating you.  All fantastic happenings if you're wanting to get in shape--yeah right!

Not to mention the insane amount of sugar calories you will be consuming, 7 calories per gram that the way alcohol is the purest form of sugar and it will irritate your digestive system causing it to be inflamed and thus reducing your ability to digest and absorb the other food you are putting in your body.  Typically, as you may well know, food choices while consuming alcohol are typically not of the healthy variety (can we say grease, Dennys, IHOP and other assorted non-food garbage).

Oh, and do forget the fact that you're killing brain cells also.  And don't even try to use the moderation excuse....what the heck is moderation?  Basically what that means is whatever you want to drink you will justify....perhaps have one drink, if you absolutely must and then switch to WATER....novel concept ehh....

Ok, I'm stepping off my soap box now.....enjoy the holiday weekend!....I'm sure you'll be thinking about this when and if you reach for that choice beverage, and remember, bad eating always outweighs exercise.
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