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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Food Quality continued.....

On with the food quality discussion. This is very important when putting together an appropriate nutrition plan, thus the extended discussion of it. Another reason is that most people either don't think about it or are not aware that this is important. Just as a review...when purchasing meats you want to look for hormone free, organic, grass fed, free range products where the animals have not been raised using non-natural foods and treatments. Whatever the animal eats or is injected with will be left in the meat and then it goes into your body and affects you in various ways. You may think the amounts of these substances are small, which that may be true, but your body is highly sensitive as it only takes a minute amount of a substance to cause an effect. Just as an example, at a concentration level similar to placing a drop of a hormone in a rail tanker train several miles long a physiological effect in your body will occur. Now that's a small amount!

You always hear people these days talking about eating "whole foods", the reason being is that they typically contain more nutrients and are lacking all of the chemicals and preservatives that are placed in processed, unnatural food products. This is a big reason that reading labels is important, so you can see what you are really eating. Again these chemicals and preservatives can cause problems in your body and keep you from getting proper nutrition. It's not just about calories in vs calories out. If you don't digest and absorb it, it's not really calories in! Many of the chemicals and preservatives irritate your digestive system and cause it not to work properly. This includes things like alcohol which is a poison with no nutritional or health value. Yes they say wine can be beneficial, but it's not because of the's from the beneficial substances in the grapes which you can obviously get from eating grapes. So don't justify your alcohol with media sound bites that are there to get you to watch the news.

Once you figure out the quality issue the next thing is figuring out when to eat, how much to eat, and what to eat for meals/snacks....more on that tomorrow.....

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