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Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009 - Pizza Man Says Don't Eat too Much

I ran across a slightly humorous and ironic article noting how the Papa John's pizza founder said his you can't eat too much of his product because it wouldn't be healthy........this is amazing coming from a big time corporate guy admitting his companies food isn't good for you (he says you can't eat 5 or 6 pieces)...oh my...of course nobody ever eats that in denial...hahaha! Anyway it's about time companies are honest about the fact that many of there products, even so called 'healthy' ones, are actually terrible for you. Just think, you'll have to workout really hard for several hours to burn off one of those big indulgences. You've got to limit thus if you want to stay fit, or get fit............

Spent a lot of time modifying the Results program I put together last year....hope to get it officially published in the next month or so.....

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